Platinum Winner, 2021 Muse Creative Awards
Silver Winner, 2020 Summit International Awards
After the #LightItBlue campaign's original inception in the UK, Thinkwell Group was determined to help bring the campaign to the US. Thinkwell organized over 400 iconic landmarks and venues across 112 cities in 43 states to light up blue at the same time.
On Thursday nights starting in April 2020, the #LightItBlue campaign invited businesses and venues across the nation to simultaneously light up their buildings blue in order to celebrate and honor all of the essential and front-line workers.
In the core team of 5 people, Garron Rodgers served as the Global Asset Manager and was the main point of contact for the hundreds of venues across the country. He worked in close coordination with event producers and the graphic design team to build a library of custom assets and instructions for each of the venues.
Participating venues included One World Trade Center, Niagara Falls, Madison Square Garden, Stables Center and over 400 other venues and landmarks across the country. The campaign was a huge success and social media posts across the country reached over 700 million people online. On the first evening of the campaign, the hashtag #LightItBlue even made it to #7 trending on Twitter.
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