Garron Rodgers

Garron is currently working in the themed entertainment industry as a Marketing & Development Associate for Thinkwell Group where he amplifies outbound business development efforts, serves as global marketing asset manager, and executes multiple projects ranging from print and digital publications, launching new company verticals, and orchestrating Thinkwell’s presence at industry conventions. Garron graduated from Chapman University with a double major: B.A. in Entertainment Technology and a B.S. in Business Administration, Marketing. 

THINKWELL GROUP (April 2018 - Present)
- Amplifies outbound business development efforts and works directly with the CEO and CCO to pursue new opportunities to improve guest experiences in media, healthcare, and briefing centers
- Serves as Global Marketing Asset Manager, creating and distributing a library of 200+ materials across the Thinkwell’s 5 global offices, tailoring each marketing asset to the offices’ unique cultural and language needs
- Directly contributes to acquiring projects totaling over $100M in contract value and continues to double client engagement with email marketing campaigns
- Furthers Thinkwell’s reach to improve the user experience in adjacent industries and serves as part of the core team launching Thinkwell Health—bringing experience design to healthcare and improving the patient journey
- Spearheads the development of an annual industry trend report by overseeing a team of 8 through the stages of market research, survey design, response collection, analysis, final report development, and distribution to the press & media outlets
- Successfully executes multiple projects across diverse teams ranging from annual print and digital publications to orchestrating Thinkwell’s presence at conventions
- Prepares market analysis reports, research, benchmarking, resource planning, and collaborates with project teams to identify opportunities for organic growth within ongoing projects and client relationship

- Led development and production of new business proposals and presentations under the direction of senior staff
- Supported directors and executives with acquisition of new projects and clients
- Designed and prepared a weekly comprehensive report of all ongoing business development leads and activities for distribution to company executives

CHURCH IN LOS ANGELES (April 2019 - Present; Part-time)
- Produces over 100 hours of weekly video programs, with both live and pre-recorded elements, for a weekly live-audience of 100 and up to 3000 viewers
- Supervises a team of 5 people and coordinates content creation, program management, editing, and design while ensuring the production stays under budget
- Leads mobile app development from design to deployment and has successfully increased community engagement and media content delivery 
- Served as Technical Director of a 7-day conference across 5 venues with 3000 attendees; oversaw and trained a team of 20 and collaborated cross-departmentally

MERIT DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT LLC (October 2016 - April 2018)
- Expedited the completion of design and construction phases of luxury custom homes by streamlining AutoCAD drafting processes, design direction, and coordinating communication between engineers, architects, contractors, and clients
- Cut turnaround time by utilizing a system of masters files and templates, produced complete plan sets, including electrical plans, details, site plans and elevations, and oversaw the process from initial client meetings to city submittal

- Supported warehouse operational procedures for organizing and cataloging inventory after the closing of a show, allowing for more efficient assessment of company property as it pertains to use in current and future productions 
- Innovated new archival processes that increased efficiency and gave continuity to 100,000+ technical drawings for the 7 resident shows; managed the CAD Library 
- Brought new workflow software into use by coordinating with IHQ and led training for technicians to implement the program into their daily workflow


B. A. Entertainment Technology  |  College of Performing Arts, Chapman University, Orange, CA  |  May 2017
B. S. Business administration  |  Argyros School of Business, Chapman University, Orange, CA  |  May 2017

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